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Navigating Growth

Coaching vs. Counseling

Learning with a coach and working with a counselor involves distinct approaches, goals, and focuses, despite some overlap in helping individuals achieve personal growth and development.

Developing Resilience

Insights from Thanatology

Developing resilience-building skills from a thanatologist, who specializes in the study of death, dying, and bereavement, can offer unique insights and benefits.

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Navigating Growth

Unlocking Life’s Final Chapter:
Exploring Thanatology’s Insights into Death and Grief

A thanatologist is a professional who specializes in the study of death, dying, and the psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of the end of life.

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Embracing Faith

Beyond Grief:
The Role of Pastoral Thanatologists in Navigating Life’s Final Journey

A pastoral thanatologist is a professional who combines elements of pastoral care and thanatology. Let’s break down these terms…

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Navigating Growth

Explaining “Life & Grief Coaching… Done Naturally”

To us, “Life and Grief Coaching… Done Naturally” suggests a coaching approach that combines support for individuals dealing with life challenges, particularly grief, in a way that aligns with natural or holistic principles.

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Developing Resilience

Rising Strong:
Empowering Women Through Grief and Resilience

Building resilience is important for anyone, regardless of gender, who is going through the grieving process. However, as a woman, there may be specific challenges or societal expectations…

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