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Life & Grief Coaching... Done Naturally

K-D Naturals, Inc. is a Christian life coaching business; specializing in natural approaches to dealing with grief. 


Our mission is to provide support to those working through the grief process: death and dying (anticipatory grief), grief and bereavement. Using a Christian approach and based on Biblical principles, we minister to the individual, their families, support team and caregivers. 


"May you go forth in God's love, caring for the dying, praying for the dead, and comforting those who mourn."

What is grief? How can this coaching process help me?

  • Grief is a natural response to any loss. It refers to how one reacts to a loss in life, dealing with numerous feelings and emotions.


  • Loss is when a bond is broken, and the connection cannot be repaired; it can be with a person, a place, a thing, or belief system.


  • Grieving is the process by which grief itself it acknowledged, working through the feelings of the loss, and planning how to deal with such feelings on a long term basis.

The Dragonfly

K-D Naturals, Inc. dragonfly logo
K-D Naturals, Inc. dragonfly logo

How to survive…

When someone you love has died,

And you are left behind,

To live life without them.


How to survive…

After the many, many tears you’ve cried,

And now you are left behind,

To live life without them.


How to survive…

No matter how you’ve tried,

You need help to move on and leave the sorrow behind,

They may be out of sight, but never out of mind.

To live life again, to smile again,


While still loving and remembering them.


Written by: Veronica J. Kovach-Dodd, CCLC


*The dragonfly is used as a logo for our practice, because it represents transformation, and demonstrates the transitions necessary to work through heartache and hurt.