Coaching Takes a Different Approach

Coaching encourages a review of the bigger picture.  It is a partnership, where a coach and their client interact with each other, to set and achieve goals.  Coaching is not counseling, which is a more advanced method of intervention, often including therapy, medicinal intervention or other forms of  advanced treatment.


K-D Naturals, Inc. provides spiritual and bereavement support to clients, families, and the hospice staff via phone/email contact or office visits.  These are by appointment, and via referrals to the client/family or local clergy. We can assist with memorial services and activities relating to spiritual and religious issues of client, family and interdisciplinary team.

Veronica has experience in client/family coaching, and working with clients and families coping with terminal illness and death. She has excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and is endorsed and in good standing with her religious denomination.

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