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Our mission is to provide spiritual support to those working through the grief process, their family members, and those who serve these people in the grief industry. Using a Christian approach and based on Biblical principles, we minister through support and encouragement. 


"May you go forth in God's love, caring for the dying, praying for the dead, and comforting those who mourn."

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Within my personal life, I have experienced loss in many ways; my grandparents, parents, family members, colleagues, friends, and pets, and most recently my uncle to cancer in 2005.  Having experienced all these different types of losses, especially as an only child, I am very well versed in the grief field.  I know that while grief circumstances may be similar, they can also be very different.  These past experiences are what gave me an interest in the grief and loss field in the first place, which I have pursued now for many years.  I have recognized the necessity of being a strong listener, and integrating this with bereavement and spiritual care is so important to individuals and families.  I know first hand how vital proper care is, and what a blessing and asset it can be to patients and families as they experience anticipatory grief, followed by a families' bereavement after their loved one passes.
Working with spiritual/pastoral care helps to remind everyone of their humanity and their human connection to others.  In the field of spiritual care, I have seen how sharing in the lives of others can be healing and transformational to all involved.  Even those who do not know God, can be given peace and comfort through the experience.
As a life coach, concentrating in grief and bereavement, I have seen how important it is for individuals and families to receive compassionate support, loving care, patience, and a physical comforting touch.  I am looking to expand my experience within this field, by sharing my knowledge and expertise with others.  What others have done for me during very difficult times is a reminder of the care and support I try to provide for others.


Purpose:  Within our practice, my goal is to bring those I serve to a closer relationship with Christ, my family is the faith community; my ministry is to those who are suffering a loss and have lost their direction; my mission is to provide compassion, companionship, guidance and comfort to those who are suffering; and my motive is to glorify the Lord through my thoughts and actions.


Implementation:  We would like to show compassion and understanding to those in need. We have been blessed with the opportunity to share in the lives of others and to bring the love of God to them. We have founded this company, to give honor and glory to God the Father, our creator, and to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Our philosophy is to live life to the fullest, but not to forget the One, who made it all possible. We believe all things have a purpose and happen for a reason. They are stepping stones for all of us to reach our reward; that which we call Heaven and eternal life. Come let us travel together.

Veronica J. Kovach-Dodd has over 30 years of ministry and professional experience. She is a graduate of Liberty University, a Certified Christian Life Coach, Certified Professional Life Coach, nurse, educator, author, freelance writer/researcher, and conference speaker. She has extensive experience writing, as well as web articles for print and online magazines. She is the proud owner and president of the company.


By pursing advanced education in the areas of life coaching, grief and bereavement, psychology, an group facilitation, Veronica is strongly equipped to lead both individuals and groups.


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