About Us

Grief is a natural response to loss - we help you get through it, using a natural approach.
Our mission is to provide support to women working through the grief process: 
death and dying (anticipatory grief), grief, and bereavement.
We minister to the individual, their families, support team, and caregivers. 
We do business like we serve our community:
"Service Above Self" -Rotary International

Veronica J. Kovach-Dodd | Bio

Veronica J. Kovach-Dodd, MS - Thanatologist is a proud graduate of Liberty University (Magna Cum Laude), and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, with a specialization in Life Coaching, and a minor in Christian Counseling. She earned her Master of Science degree in Thanatology from Marian University and went on to earn her certification as a Specialist in Pastoral Thanatology (PT-Csp) from the American Institute of Health Care Professionals.


She is a Certified Christian Life Coach (CCLC), Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC), Nurse, Minister of Consolation, an expert in bereavement support, published author, freelance writer, and corporate gift basket designer.


This company was founded to give honor and glory to God the Father, our creator, and to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We believe all things have a purpose and happen for a reason. They are stepping stones for all of us to reach our reward; that which we call Heaven and eternal life.


Come let us travel together.



Veronica's Story

Within her personal life, Veronica has experienced loss in many ways; her grandparents, parents, family members, colleagues, friends, and pets, and most recently her uncle to cancer. Having experienced all these different types of losses, especially as an only child, she is very well versed in the grief field. These past experiences are what gave her an interest in this area. 

"I know firsthand how vital proper care is, and what a blessing and asset it can be to patients and families as they experience anticipatory grief, followed by a families' bereavement 
after their loved one passes."

❤️Denotes those gone, but not forgotten, 

who will remain in my heart always.


Veronica, I can't thank you enough for the consolation you gave me during Dad's last weeks and especially his last day. Dad always enjoyed a visit from someone, although I know it wasn't always easy to tell! Know that what you do is immensely appreciated. You made a difficult time easier.